JS Heaton Company Looking for Well Established Manufacturers

The James S. Heaton Company is looking for well established manufacturers for the following products:

  • Resistors (standard, precision, current sense, wirewound, MIL approved)
  • Optoelectronics (IR sensors/switches, Visible LED’s, Isolators)
  • MOSFET/Diodes (Hi-Rel, Commercial)
  • Variable Resistors (Potentiometers, Trimmers)
  • Capacitors (Film and Tantalum)
  • Custom Transformers (Custom High Power Toroid/E-Core)

Please contact us for more information.

Arcolectric pioneers brand new range of antimicrobial switches

Arcolectric Antimicrobial SwitchesArcolectric, an Elektron Technology plc brand, announces a unique new range of antimicrobial switches launched as part of an exclusive partnership with BioCote Ltd, a leading provider of evidence-based antimicrobial technology.

Arcolectric’s best selling ranges of standard and miniature rocker switches, push button switches, double pole splash resistant switches and splash/dust covers will be manufactured with BioCote’s silver ion technology during the moulding process moulded to produce the world’s first antimicrobial electronic components. The antimicrobial ranges present OEMs with a distinctive new feature which offers a key point of end equipment differentiation and significantly enhances the benefits to the end user or the product.

Integrating BioCote® at the point of manufacture provides in-built antimicrobial protection for the life span of the component part, reducing microbes including bacteria mould and fungi by up to 99.9%. Arcolectric’s switches are already sold into a wide range of industries including healthcare, laboratory science, education, catering, leisure and other ‘high traffic’ public places.

“Arcolectric’s switches are already used for a wide variety of ‘high traffic’ consumer and industrial devices. Our partnership with BioCote ensures the surfaces of Arcolectric switches will help prevent the spread of microbes including viruses, mould and bacteria,” adds Stuart Hutchings, Marketing Manager, Arcolectric. “We anticipate a strong reaction from our customers to these significant enhancements to our best selling ranges.”

Five of Arcolectric’s best selling ranges will utilise BioCote’s technology at manufacture stage, with further plans to roll out this process in time, as demand increases:

Arcolectric has undergone a rigorous R&D and testing process for the launch of this range. All BioCote protected products are regularly validated and quality control tested to ISO 22196 where applicable, in an independent laboratory. Only products that demonstrate over a 95% reduction in bacteria are allowed to use the BioCote brand as a guarantee of superior antimicrobial performance.

BioCote has carried out a number of environmental trials in hospitals, food processing and care homes to scientifically prove BioCote protected products are as effective in situ as in laboratory testing, consistently reducing levels of microbial contamination in the environment by over 95%.

Johnson Electric launches Disconnect Relay for Smart Meters

Best Electrical Performance in a Compact Design

Stuttgart, 5 April, 2012Johnson Electric today announced a disconnect relay product line for smart electric meters. The remote disconnect function in a smart meter aligns with the requirements of the electric power industry’s smart grid initiative. The Ledex-EM product line is a bi-stable latching relay designed to provide the highest electrical performance in a compact package.

The Ledex-EM product line provides industry-leading switching performance and reliability, resulting from a unique design that minimizes contact bounce and resistance. This disconnect relay has the highest magnetic tamper resistance in any position, preventing switching by an external magnetic field. The Ledex-EM product line is designed with a circuit breaking capacity up to 120Amps. For smart meter design flexibility the product line can be customized for multiple control pin-out positions and special terminals.

“This innovative Ledex-EM product line results from design collaboration between our engineering centers in Germany, USA and China” said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric’s senior vice president of Strategic Marketing.

James S. Heaton Given 2010 Excellence Award

EDAC Group Awards James S. Heaton Company, Inc. with the 2010 Service Excellence Award

TORONTO, Canada — June 13th, 2011 — The Edac Group of Companies, a global leader in the design and manufacture of interconnect products, announced that James S. Heaton Company, Inc. was awarded for the second consecutive year, the 2010 Manufacturer Representative Service Excellence Award.  The award was presented at the recent Electronic Distribution Show in Las Vegas to Jon Heaton, Sales Manager and Sandi Lomeli, Distribution Manager by Kevin Stark, Regional Sales Manager for Edac.